JULY 28, 29, 30, 2017

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11:00AM - 1:00PM

Saturday July 29th Cost: Free

3:00PM - 5:00PM

Saturday July 29th Cost: Free

11:00AM - 2:00PM

Sunday July 30th Cost: Free


What is the CQB class?

Close Quarters Battle means fighting inside of a structure for the rescue of a client or for a raid. Topics include raid planning, route planning, recon, asset management, team movement in rural and urban settings, signals, security, support, elements of an assault and casualty collection.

This is an intense fast paced course. You will be pushed in a series of square range. open terrain, wooded terrain and many CQB scenarios. This course is perfect for the High Risk Civilian Patriot, SWAT Cop, or Civilian who is looking for an aggressive close combat course.

What You Need to Bring.

Carbine: It is required to have your own firearm for this course. In some cases we may have firearms to loan if you are unable to meet this requirement. Red dot, some low power variable scopes, or holographic optics with back-up iron sights are recommended and preferred.

Magazines: You will need at least 2 magazines, if you have more we suggest you bring them.

Pistol: Recommended that you have a good pistol

Pistol Magazines: You will need at least 3 magazines for semi-automatic pistols or 2 speed loaders for revolvers, if you have more we suggest you bring them.

Ammunition: 150 rounds of carbine ammunition and 50 rounds of pistol ammo are recommended for this course!

Holster and magazine pouches/holders: It is imperative to have a properly functioning holster that is designed for each one of your specific weapons. Quality tactical magazine pouches are necessary. Having these will make life much easier for you.Your magazine pouch/holder should hold at least 2 magazines or speed loaders. Good quality leather or Kydex style will work fine. For this class a paddle or belt holster will be most effective.

Slings: A good single point sling is recommended but double points work also.

Hearing and eye protection: Please bring shooting glasses and ear protection. Muff style ear protection is best.

Appropriate clothing: We will spend the majority of the time on the range so we highly recommend clothing that protects your entire body, including long sleeve shirts. Good foot wear is also a must, no sandals or open toe shoes. A hat will help keep the sun out of your eyes and protect you. We will shoot during minimal rain unless lighting is a risk, so please be prepared for inclement weather.

Who is teaching this course?

This course is taught by multiple members of the Colorado RRT Alpha, Bravo, and Charlie companies. All main instructors have real world experience in combat fighting in CQB engagements. The majority of our instructors are Marines with specialist backgrounds.